At Reuters, we're all about YOU!

We want you to have footwear that supports your foot, provides you comfort, and fits your lifestyle!

  • First, we start by evaluating the shape and structure of your feet
  • Then we measure them to make sure we know the size of each foot, since almost everyone has a difference in their feet.
  • Then we find out about you…your lifestyle, what you do, what you need from your shoes and what kind of special considerations you may have.

Only with all of this info can we accurately guide you to the footwear that works for you…providing you a wide selection that is in step with your life…and your feet! The best value in footwear is a shoe that stays on your foot…not forgotten in your closet!

Fitting the greater Kansas area for over 140 years, we live by the motto “shoes matter” and truly believe that what you put on your feet makes all the difference. We strive to enrich the lives of our clients with expert knowledge, unforgettable personal service, and a dedication to growth for the benefit of our clients. We believe in the tradition of one-on-one service, sharing product knowledge and expertise, and provide a remarkably unique experience. We invite you to visit us soon!

We’re More than a Shoe Store…

Reuter’s has been in the shoe business since 1880 and has been named retailer of the year by the shoe industry! We specialize in custom fit orthosis with a doctor’s prescription; footwear and inserts for people with diabetes; custom molded shoes and shoe modifications. We don’t just fix shoes! We shorten belts, fix purse straps, work on luggage and more! We invite you to browse our website and explore the many ways we can help you attain a healthier lifestyle and improved health…beginning with your feet!

How many thousands of miles will you walk in your lifetime?

That’s right. The average individual will walk over 100,000 miles in his or her lifetime.  And according to the American Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Society, one in every six persons has trouble with their feet, making the journey considerably less enjoyable. Custom orthotics can treat and correct individual foot ailments, enabling each individual to comfortably complete their 100,000-mile journey. Proper shoes fitted with custom arch supports are the best insurance that we can give ourselves to protect our feet.

Our History