Can I Wear the Same Shoes Every Day?

Comfy shoes are a reason to jump for joy, but should you wear your trusted pair day-in and day-out?

A question we get asked from time to time is whether or not it’s ok to wear the same shoes every day. Here are some suggestions we hope will address your concerns.

The repetitive stresses of wearing the same shoes day after day, hour after hour, can eventually make us uncomfortable. Rotating in a different style gives the foot and leg muscles a chance to rest by engaging different muscles. Just make sure that whatever shoes you choose fit properly…not squeezing any toes and allowing for active toe motion. We recommend trying to rotate every other day. This not only extends the life of the shoes, but it’s best for your feet.
If you are prone to getting sore feet, changing your shoes as often as twice a day can also make a difference. Changing your shoes during a lunch break or a shift can offer some relief. Because that will be working a different stress pattern, it’s just like giving your feet a fresh start. Rotating your shoes not only slows the breakdown process, but also allows them to dry out (yes, your feet sweat—even if you don’t notice). Then give your shoes a full 24-hours of rest to dry properly.

If having two pairs of shoes to rotate is not an option, make sure you are replacing at the first sign of breakdown. Here are some tell-tale signs that it’s time to switch up:
Wear patterns: Check out the sole of your shoe. Usually, the first spot to wear down is the outside heel.
Listen to your feet and body: If your shoes are no longer properly supporting your body, chances are your feet, legs and back are going to hurt.
Note your shoe’s structure: Softer, more cushioned shoes will break down faster, while a harder, more structured shoe will take longer to breakdown.

Think its time to switch it up or replace worn out footwear? Come visit us today and have one of our certified pedorthists get your feet feeling better fast!