What are custom foot orthoses?

Custom foot orthoses are precision, prescription medical devices that are worn inside your shoes. Such orthotic devices are designed to alter the way your foot lands onto the ground and will provide specific support to your feet during the complex series of movements involved in walking, running or standing.

Why would I need to wear custom foot orthoses?

Should you suffer from aches and pains in your feet, ankles, knees, hips and lower back, especially during training, walking or standing for extended periods, then you may need custom foot orthoses.

Your prescribing practitioner will undertake a biomechanical examination that would involve reviewing abnormal wear marks on your shoes, observing you walk and stand. From this biomechanical examination your practitioner will determine which prescription foot orthoses would best suit your needs.

Are there different types of orthotic devices?

Yes, assessing your weight, activity and requirements your practitioner will make an individual mould of each foot by applying Plaster of Paris. These plaster slippers are then sent to our laboratory along with a prescription and your custom orthoses are made in a few days and sent back to your practitioner for dispensing.

How do I know they will fit in my shoes?

Your prescribing practitioner will always check that your shoes are both right for you and right for your prescription foot orthoses. Should your practitioner feel that your shoes are not correct then please wait for your custom foot orthoses to be dispensed to you and then go to the shoe shop and get all fitted together.

Why Custom Made?

Please beware that “off the shelf” or “closest fit” mass produced insoles and simple arch supports are a compromise when compared to custom-made foot orthoses. Such non-prescription devices may cause your feet and legs more harm than good. Custom-made ensures that the devices will follow the natural contours of your feet and provide the correct prescription.